Description: In this topic you will learn how to create (add a new) authorization, approve or reject the authorization and edit, view or deactivate an authorization. An authorization is an entry in DCI that represents an allotment of dollars or units from a funding source to provide a service to a client. An authorization is for one service code and one client.

Role Required: Super User Role, Billing role, Authorization Role

Permission Required: Authorization Admin Permission

Create (Add New) Authorization

  1. Log in to DCI

  2. Select the Authorization Module from the main menu

  3. Select Pending Authorizations from the sub menu

  4. Click Actions

  5. Click Add New Authorization

  6. Complete the Add New Authorization wizard:

  7. Click the blue Save button

  8. Click Yes in the confirmation alert window to confirm adding the authorization

Approve or Reject Authorization

The authorization will need to be approved before it can be used.

  1. Log in to personal profile

  2. Select the Authorization Module from the main menu

  3. Select Pending Authorizations from the submenu

  4. Locate the pending authorization in the table below the search box or utilized the search criteria (i.e., the start date or end date of the authorization, client name etc.) then select Search.

    1. The table will update based on search criteria.

  5. There are two options:

    1. To approve the pending entry, select the A then click Yes to confirm the approval

      1. A green bar will display to notify the user of the approval

    2. To reject the pending entry, select the R then click Yes to confirm the rejection

      1. A red bar will appear to notify the user of the rejection

  6. Approved and rejected authorizations will disappear from the list once they have been addressed

  7. Once approved, the authorization is ready and available to use

Edit, View, or Deactivate an Authorization

  1. Sign into your Personal Profile 

  2. Click Authorizations on the main menu 

  3. Click the Authorizations from the submenu 

  4. Search for the authorization by typing the name in the search field and selecting it when it comes up 

  5. Click Search 

  6. Select the authorization from the table by clicking anywhere in the row 

  7. Click Actions button 

  8. Click Edit from the actions dropdown 

    1. To deactivate, update the status to Inactive

  9. Update or edit the form wizard 

  10. Click Save 

  11. Click Yes on the confirmation window