Purpose: This covers the process to format and download a report in OR PTC DCI into Excel.

Outcome: Staff have properly downloaded a report from OR PTC DCI.

Staff - Formatting Reports for Download QRG v2.pdf

OR PTC DCI reports can be viewed directly from the OR PTC DCI Web Portal or downloaded into either Excel or PDF format. This document walks you through downloading the Payroll Batch Details Report into Excel, but this process is the same for all other reports within OR PTC DCI.


Prior to pulling the Payroll Batch Details Report, a Payroll Batch must have been created.

  1. Log into OR PTC DCI, click the Reports tab.
  2. From the Reports Dashboard, locate the report you want to view/download. For this example, we will pull the Payroll Batch Details Report.
  3. Enter any search criteria you would like to use for your report. Click the Search button. For this example, we will click Search to display a list of batches.
  4. Click Download.
  5. Once a new window opens, select the items in the Available Columns that you want displayed as columns in the report. Then, use the arrows to move them to the Selected Columns section. If you would like all items in your report, select the double arrow. Then, click Next.


  6. Select the desired report format and click Download.
  7. Click Yes to download.
  8. Download is now available to open in the format you chose.