Purpose: This guide gives step-by-step instructions for how to pull the Punch Entries Report from OR PTC DCI with explanation of the different entry types and next steps.

Outcome: Staff can pull, download, and read the Punch Entries Report.

Staff - Punch Entries Report QRG.pdf

What is this Report Used for?

This report is useful for identifying the status of Punch Entries in your Cost Center, which is particularly useful after the end of the pay period.

When is it Recommended to Pull this Report?

It is recommended to pull the punch entries report after the pay period has ended so staff can follow up on different punch entries with one of these status options:

  • Approved
  • Rejected
  • Open
  • Pending
  • Unverified

To Access the Punch Entries Report in OR PTC DCI:

  1. Start by selecting the Reports tab at the top.
  2. On the left sidebar tabs, select COA Reports.
  3. Then select Punch Entries Report.


    See the Punch Entry Details Report to find who rejected an entry or entered an entry that went into an Unverified status. 

  4. Enter your search criteria.
    1. (MM/DD/YYYY): this should be the voucher submission deadline for the recent pay period.
    2. Cost Center: select the XXXX-EU version of the Cost Center (for this example we selected 0310-EU as the Cost Center).
    3. Status: select the status type you are interested in learning more about.
    4. Other search criteria are optional and dependent on your report needs.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Download the report (see Formatting OR PTC DCI Reports for Download for more information).

Punch Entry Report Status

Meaning/Action Needed


The branch or local office needs to run a Payroll Batch for the pay period in question.


A staff member, the provider, or the consumer rejected the entry, meaning the entry was not accurate.

Providers are not notified if a time entry is rejected by a staff member but are notified if it is done by the Consumer.


The provider has clocked in for a shift but have not yet clocked out.


An entry that is waiting for auto-approval to run or has failed a business rule in OR PTC DCI.

Failing a business rule typically means the provider claimed more hours than were authorized by the Case Manager. Pending entries will not be paid. See 4.1.1 Pending Entries Management for more information.


The punch has been either entered or edited by a staff member and must be verified. Unverified entries require action in order to move on in the process and be paid. Either another staff member or the provider can verify the entry.