Purpose: This guide discusses the icons that display in the Needs Review column on the Pending Entries tab in OR PTC DCI, the reason behind each failure message, and what staff need to do to resolve the issues.

Outcome: Staff know what icons in the Pending Entries tab indicate and how to remedy them.

Staff - Resolving Red Eye Pending Entries.pdf

When a time entry displays with a red eye icon in the Needs Review column, hovering over the red eye icon will show the reason the entry failed auto approval. The only Business Rule failure message that requires action before being resolved is the Authorization Remaining Balance failure message. Additionally, if this message is in combination with any other message, the entry will need to be reviewed. Below are examples of failure messages you may see and what actions are needed to resolve the issue.

Red Eye MessageWhat the message means and what to do

Authorization Remaining Balance failure:  The provider is over their authorized hours for the pay period.  Follow-up is required to confirm whether overage is authorized or not. Refer to Business Process 4.1.1 for steps to resolve an overage and Business Process 2.2.3 for steps to correct a punch entry.

Over 40 Hours: Provider worked more than 40 hours in a week, no follow-up is needed. This entry will move to approved status after auto approval runs if it is the only failure message. If it does not resolve, manually approve it.

Signature Unverified: This message requires no action and should resolve during auto approval. If it does not resolve, manually approve the entry.

The grey question mark in the Needs Review column, will only display the message Portal Sign Off Pending.

If there is more than one reason an entry failed auto approval, more than one reason will display in the reason bubble. Here are a few examples of how to handle entries with multiple failure reasons.

The Portal Sign Off Pending and Over 40 Hours failure message does not require any follow-up, you can ignore that message. However, you must take action on the Authorization Remaining Balance failure. Follow Business Process 4.1.1 and Business Process 2.2.3  to determine how far over authorized hours the provider is and edit the entry to be within the authorized hours.

The Portal Sign Off Pending message does not require action. But, like the example above, the Authorization Remaining Balance failure message does.

Finally, there are times you will see a red eye icon in the Needs Review column and the entry has failed multiple business rules, but none of the messages require further review. In that case, the entry can be manually approved. If no action is taken, the entry will move into approved status in the next auto approval run.

Entries that remain in a pending status will not be pulled into a payroll batch. The payroll batch only pulls entries that are in an approved status.

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