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  • Greeting Message – “Hello! Thank you for calling the DCI time keeping system.”
  • SSN Authentication – “Please enter the last four digits of your social security number.”
  • SSN Re-authentication – "Please re-enter the last four digits of your social security number.”
  • Pin Authentication – “Please enter your pin.”
  • Employee Authentication Failed – “We are unable to locate your employee record. Please contact your supervisor.”
  • Exceeded Attempts – “You have exceeded the number of attempts allowed.”
  • Date of Birth Authentication – “Please enter your birth month and date. For example, June 4th would be 0604.”
  • Invalid Selection – “You have made an invalid selection.”
  • No Employee Record – “We are unable to recognize the number you are calling from. Please try again from an approved number.”
  • Punch Should Be Closed – “We are unable to continue until your punch is closed.”
  • Punch Validation Failed – “Punch validation failed. Please contact your supervisor.”
  • Unknown Number – Profile – “We are unable to locate any profiles that matches the number you are calling from. Please call back from a valid number or contact your supervisor if you feel this is an error.” 
  • Inactive Hourly Service Account – “There is no active hourly service account for this client. Please verify you have selected the correct client , or contact or contact your supervisor.”
  • Inactive Authorization – “There is no active authorization for this client. Please contact your supervisor.”
  • Inactive Residential Client Service Account – “The client you have selected does not have an active residential account. Please verify your entry. If you feel this is an error, contact your supervisor.”
  • Confirm Client PIN - "Confirm Client PIN"
  • Initiate Client Validation - "Initiate Client Validation"
  • Goodbye Message - "Thanks for calling. Goodbye."
  • Client PIN Failure - "Client PIN authentication failed."


  1. Login to DCI
  2. Click Settings on the main menu
  3. Click EVV on the submenu
  4. Select EVV IVR Prompts on the flyout menu
  5. Select a prompt to manage by clicking on the row
  6. Click Actions
  7. Select Edit IVR Prompt from the drop-down
  8. If the prompt has an audio file attachment, an attachment and a mini audio player will be visible.
  9. Click the play button to listen to the prompt