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Please note: Pending entries will show attendance punches for both the service and transportation. Approval will be needed on all pending attendance entries.

Role Required: N/AEmployee (base user)

Permission Required: N/A

  1. Sign into the Day Program

  2. Check-In client(s) from one of the following ways:

    1. Select Entries from the submenu, select the Actions button, select Check-In from the actions dropdown

    2. Select Clients from the submenu, select the Actions button, select Check-In from the actions dropdown

    3. Select Clients from the submenu, select a Client by searching or from the client table below the search box, the Client Detail will open up, select Check-In button

  3. The Check In form wizard will open up, check the box next to Used Provider Transportation

    1. When checking in/out multiple clients

      1. Select the Check - In Type dropdown in the form wizard and select Multiple

      2. Select the Clients by checking the check box by the clients names

      3. Select the checkbox in the Trans. column to add transportation

  4. Transportation Funding Source and Transportation Service Code will appear and be filled out for you

  5. Select Check-In

  6. Select Yes on the confirmation alert page to save

  7. Repeat the process for Check-Out

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