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  • To view employee punches, you must have the supervisor or employer role for the cost center in which the punch was made.

    • For an employer, if you are not seeing the punch, contact your Fiscal Agent for assistance.

    • For a supervisor, if you are not seeing the punch, verify the role and cost center assigned to you.

      • Please note: If you do not have the supervisor role for the cost center, you cannot review your role(s) and cost center(s). Contact your supervisor for assistance.

      • To verify your role

        1. Log in to your personal profile

        2. Click Home on the main menu

        3. Click Employees on the submenu

        4. Enter your name in the search box, select it from the drop-down, and click Search.

        5. Select your profile by clicking anywhere in the row in the results table

        6. The Employee Details page will open

        7. Click Actions

        8. Select View Roles from the drop-down menu

        9. The View Roles form wizard will open

          1. Review assigned cost centers

          2. If the cost center needed is not listed, contact your supervisor for assistance.

          3. If the supervisor role is listed for the cost center in which the employee punch was made, review the employee's service accounts (see the article titled Service Accounts - Employee - Create, Edit, View, or Deactivate).

Please note:

    • If the cost center is changed on the service account, all punches prior to the edit will reside in the original cost center. Only the supervisor for the original cost center will be able to approve, edit, or reject the punches.

    • If the punches need to be made in the new cost center, the supervisor for the original cost center should reject the punch(es).

    • The employee must re-enter the punch after the cost center has been changed on the service account.

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