• Business rules are used to validate, per service code, specific requirements mandated by the service provided

  • Business rules can be set for hourly service codes, client transportation and vendor service codes

  • Enabling a business rule, turns on the validation for the system to verify the punch meets the requirements

  • Business rules can validate the punch in 1 of 3 phases

Phase 1 - Punch Creation (when the punch is created)

  • If the punch fails a phase 1 business rule, the user creating the punch will receive an alert at the time they select Save or Clock Out

  • Your company's DCI portal or app settings may prohibit you from saving your punch when a business rule has been violated. Contact your supervisor for assistance.

Phase 2 - After Punch Creation, Before Approval

  • If the punch fails a phase 2 business rule, the punch status will move from unvalidated to rejected

  • You and your supervisor or employer will receive a notification

Phase 3 - Punch Approval

  • If the punch fails a phase 3 business rule, the punch can not be approved

  • The punch will need to be rejected or edited to pass the business rule

To view the Business Rule Results:

  1. Select the punch you want to review the business rule results tab for
    1. You can view the punch via the employees profile, the client profile or the pending entries from the sub menu
  2. The punch details page will open up
  3. Select the Business Rule Results tab on the punch details page