1. The DCI Portal provides a forgot password function right on the login page
    1. For the web portal click the Forgot your password? blue hyper link on the login page
    2. For the mobile app click the Forgot Password? blue hyperlink on the login page
  2. Then enter your email address and select the Send Reset Email button
  3. Locate the email sent by the system to reset your password (the sender email will be support@dcisoftware.com)
    1. Please check your spam box if the email is not received in the your inbox
  4. Select the Reset Password button in the email
    1. Please note: The Reset Password link will only be active for a specific amount of time (typically 24 hours), the amount of time is based on the users company security policies
      1. After clicking the Reset Password button in the email if the link is inactive, an alert will appear "Invalid Token. Please contact your DCI administrator." Select the Resend the email button and proceed back to step 3.
  5. The email will open up the Security Verification webpage. The user will have the choice to verify either:
    1. the Security question or
      1. Security questions are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as when created
    2. SSN (social security number) and DOB (date of birth)
  6. Select the Verify button
  7. The Reset Password page will open up. Enter your new password into the two fields, Please enter password and Please confirm password.
    1. Password Criteria
      1. Must be at lease 10 characters
      2. Must contain 1 uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters
      3. Must not contain more than two repeated characters in a row
      4. The password should be different from the 3 previous passwords
  8. Select the Reset button
  9. The user password is now reset and is active to use for logging in

Please note: If the user is unable to verify the security question or ssn and dob, contact your supervisor or employer for assistance. They will send a reset password email that will allow the user to reset the security question.