The DCI maintenance release for the web portal will occur on the morning of Wednesday, April 26, 2023 and will require the DCI web portal to be unavailable for all users from 1:30 AM to 3:30 AM EST. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

*Please note: This release will require a mobile app update. An additional communication will be sent with the mobile app update details soon.

Payroll Batch Automation

Processing a payroll batch in DCI is a multi-step process that currently requires your Payroll users to engage intermittently. With this new feature Payroll Batch Automation enabled, the system will automatically initiate each next step in the process for you, saving your Payroll users valuable time!

*Please note: This feature is an instance-level setting, submit a DCI support ticket to enable.


  • Users manually advance through each batch processing step which may include:

    • Validate - The batch will be validated for negative net pay per employee. If negative net pay exists, an exception batch (removes entries from pending batch) for the employee is created. *This step will be the first step when processing a pending batch when the negative paycheck validation feature is enabled.

    • Process - The batch will be processed and payroll entries are then ready for review. *This step will be the first step when processing a pending batch if the negative paycheck validation feature is not enabled.

    • Approve - The batch will be reviewed, approved, and is ready to be transmitted to payroll.

    • Transmitted - The batch has been approved and transmit files have been generated


  • The batch automation process includes the steps Validate, Process, and Approve.

  • Click the green Validate or Process button to start the process and be prompted for a payroll batch automation decision. See alert screenshots below.

    • View the payroll batch automation decision details on the batch details page by clicking the events tab

      • Subject column - Batch Automation Confirmed or Batch Automation Declined

      • Added By column - The name of the user who made the decision

  • Resources:

Require EVV Locations

Do you work with a state or program that requires you to collect location names for EVV or other regulations? This new feature, Require EVV Locations, when enabled on the service code, will ensure all hourly entries have an EVV Location. If you need a location name on entries for EVV Aggregation, you'll see fewer rejections upon aggregation!

*Please note: This feature will be available starting on Wednesday, May 3, 2023.


  • EVV locations are available to add to profiles (Client, Employee, Group Service, Residential Programs, Day Programs, or Parenting Programs)

  • Optionally, a location can be marked as primary to default on punch entries.

  • If the client/group/program has one or more active EVV locations, the employee has the option to select an EVV location at clock in and clock out.


Report Enhancement

  • Report Enhancement - Service Accounts Report - Relationship Type (live-in caregiver, kinship, none) column added

    • Reports>COA Reports>Service Accounts Report

    • Resource: