Description: In this topic the client will learn about landline phone EVV punches. Phone EVV is an option for clients who live in regions that have little or no access to a cellular or internet network but do have landline phone access. This option allows the client to receive service while meeting the requirements for EVV.

Phone EVV is an IVR (interactive voice response) automated phone system meaning that the automated voice on the phone will ask questions and the user will enter a response by using the landline keypad. Each organization has the ability to configure automated prompts.

*Please note: Phone EVV must be used with a landline. Phone EVV can be used for both real-time (at the time of service) or historical (after the service was completed) entries.

Role Required: Client/Guardian

Permission Required: N/A

Real-Time Phone EVV

The employee will use the client's landline phone to clock in at the start of the shift and clock out at the end of the shift. There is no action or sign off needed on the part of the client for real time phone EVV.

Historical Phone EVV

Historical Phone EVV allows the employee to log time after the shift has already happened. Historical time entries can happen for many reasons such as the employee forgot to clock in for a shift or there were urgent care needs at the beginning of the shift and the employee had to attend to the client before they were able to clock in.

The client or authorized representative must be present to approve a historical phone EVV entry.

  1. The employee will enter the shift information into the landline phone
  2. The employee hands the landline phone to the client or authorized client representative to verify the historical entry
  3. The client or authorized client representative will Press 1 when ready
  4. The client or authorized client representative listens to punch details and will Press 1 to Accept or 2 to Reject the punch entry
  5. The client or authorized client representative enters their PIN to validate 
    1. The client or authorized client representative must have their four-digit PIN, which will be provided to them by the organization.
      1. Please note: This is not the employee PIN. The client has a unique PIN.
    2. The call will end automatically after the client or authorized representative has provided their PIN and the historical entry has been recorded