Description: In this topic, the user will learn how to submit vendor payments as an employer. Vendor Payments provide the ability to submit payments to approved vendors, per a client’s authorization.

Role Required: Employer

Permission Required: N/A

Mode: FI

Create Vendor Payment Entries

  1. Log in to DCI

  2. Select Clients on the submenu

  3. Use the filters to search by client name and click Search

  4. Click anywhere in the client row to open the details page

  5. Click Actions

  6. Select New Vendor Payment Entry from the drop-down menu

  7. Complete the Add New Vendor Payment Entry form wizard

    1. Entry Type: Defaults to Vendor Payment

    2. Account Type (required): Hourly or Vendor depending on the service code.

      1. Please note: See the Allow Vendor Payments on Service Codes section in the Vendor Payments article in the Help Center for more information

    3. Vendor (required): Type the vendor name and select it from the drop-down

    4. Service code (required): Select from the drop-down

    5. Dollar Amount (required): Enter the total amount for the invoice for all dates of service

    6. Invoice Number (required): Enter the invoice number

    7. Vendor Payment Reference Fields 1-5 (optional): Optionally add any additional information regarding the vendor payment

    8. Date(s) of Service (required): This may be one date or multiple dates. Enter the date and the amount for that date then click the blue plus sign (+) to add more as needed.

      1. Please note: The total sum of the dates of service must match the dollar amount entered in the Dollar Amount field

    9. Notes (optional)

    10. Invoice Attachment (required): Click the Choose Files button to upload the invoice

  8. Click Save then Yes to confirm