Description: In this topic, the user will learn how to manage entries that were entered during daylight savings, and the start or end time for the shift happened exactly at 1:00 AM. These steps are for fall back only. No manual steps are required for spring forward. 

Role Required: Super User, Supervisor, Employer

Permission Required: N/A

  1. Log in to DCI

  2. Click Home on the main menu

  3. Click Pending Entries on the submenu

  4. Locate the entry in the table or use the filter options and click Search

    1. In the Needs Review column, there is a red eye. Hover over the eye to view the reason "Review Daylight Savings Review."

  5. Approve the entry by completing one of the following actions:

    1. Click the red A button

    2. Click anywhere on the entry row to open the Punch Entry Details page. Click the Actions button and select Approve from the drop-down menu.

  6. An alert window will open, prompting the approver to select the correct time interval. The approver will select from the following options:

    1. Second 1AM Hour - The shift extended past daylight savings at 2AM when the time set back to 1AM

    2. First 1AM Hour - The shift ended prior to daylight savings which occurs at 2AM

  7. Click the Next button

  8. Select Yes in the confirmation alert window to approve the entry and the selection