Description: In this topic you will learn how to add or remove permissions for an employee profile. Permissions allow the user to perform a specific task for the entire system for all cost centers.

*Please note: Multiple permissions can be assigned to an employee.

Role Required: N/A

Permission Required: Admin Permission

  1. Log in to your personal profile
  2. Select Home on the main menu
  3. Select the Employees tab on the submenu
  4. Search for the employee by entering the employee name in the search box and select the Search button
  5. Select the employee in the table below the search box by clicking anywhere in the employee row
  6. The Employee Details page will open up
  7. Select the Actions button
  8. Select Manage Permissions from the Actions drop down
  9. The Manage Permissions form wizard will open up
  10. Check or Uncheck the permissions for the employee profile
  11. Select the Save button
  12. Select Yes on the confirmation alert window

Available Permissions:

  • Case Worker Admin

  • Cost Center Admin

  • Support User

  • Funding Source Admin

  • Permissions Admin

  • Role Admin

  • Parenting Program Admin

  • Training Admin

  • Plan of Care Admin

  • Custom Field Admin

  • Client Admin

  • Day Program Admin

  • Employee Admin

  • Holiday Schedule Admin

  • Residential Program Admin

  • Group Service Admin

  • Import Admin

  • Authorization Admin

  • Notes Sub Type Admin

  • News Post Admin

  • Other Payment Admin (FI Only)

  • Custom Field Admin (FI Only)