Description: In this topic, the user will learn how to renew an authorization. When an existing authorization expires and a new authorization for the same client funding account is received, renew the authorization instead of creating a new one. New authorizations should be created when there is a new service, which also requires a new client funding account.

Role Required: Super User, Authorization, Billing Team

Permission Required: Authorizations Admin Access

Renew an Authorization

  1. Log in with personal profile

  2. Select Authorization from the main menu

  3. Select Authorizations from the submenu

  4. Enter the client name and service code in the filters and click Search

  5. Click anywhere on the authorization row to view details

  6. Click Actions

  7. Select Renew Authorization

    1. Complete all editable fields on the Renew Authorization form wizard, which include the new date, balance, and max information.

  8. Click Save and Yes to confirm

Approve the Renewed Authorization from the Pending Authorizations Screen

  1. Log in with personal profile

  2. Click Authorization on the main menu

  3. Click Pending Authorizations on the submenu

  4. Click A in the authorization row to approve (or the red R to reject)

  5. Click Yes to confirm