Description: In this topic, the user will learn the workflow for processing vendor payments. This function allows payments to be submitted to approved vendors, per a client’s authorization.

Role Required: Super User

Permission Required: Vendor Admin

Mode: FI

Step 1: Allow Vendor Payments on Service Codes

A service code must allow payments or a new service code must be set up for the vendor.

Vendor payments can only be created for dollar-based hourly service codes that allow them, or as a separate vendor account type service code. The vendor service code would be used in situations where the authorization is separate from another service. If a vendor service code is created, users must create a vendor funding account and authorization rather than utilize an hourly funding account and authorization.

Step 2: Create and Manage Vendor Profiles

Vendor profiles are created to process invoices for vendors. They do not have the ability to log in and are not sent a confirmation email when the profile is created.

Step 3: Create and Manage Vendor Service Accounts

After a profile is created, a service code must be created to link the client to the vendor. The system automatically creates a vendor service account when a vendor payment entry is created. This allows employers to create an entry when needed, even if an admin user has not created the service account.

Step 4: Create Vendor Payment Entries

Vendor payment entries are created by a super user or employee with vendor admin permission and must have a copy of the invoice attached to the entry. These entries must be approved by the employer, supervisor, or super user.

Step 5: Vendor Entries are Processed through Payroll and Billing

Approved vendor entries are processed through payroll and billing batches.