Description: In this topic, the user will learn how to process write-off batches. This could occur when an entry violates an authorization. It could also be necessary to write off a batch if an entry exceeded the authorization remaining balance, daily max, weekly max, or monthly max while these business rules were enabled in Mode 2 (allow punch through). The write-off batch process will create up to two billing entries - one as a write-off for the unbillable amount and one for the billable amount, if any.

Role Required: Super User, Billing Team

Permission Required: N/A

Create a Write Off Batch

  1. Log in with an appropriate profile

  2. Select Billing from the main menu

  3. Select Unbillable Entries from the submenu

  4. Use the filters to locate the entries to be included in the write-off batch and click Search

  5. Use the checkboxes to select the entries or select the header row checkbox to select all available entries

    1. Only select entries with the same units. A different batch will be required for each unit type.

  6. Click the blue Refresh Billable Amount button if necessary

    1. The system will verify any changes in billable amount if an authorization has been updated. This process runs automatically nightly but can be run manually. A notification will populate when the process is complete.

  7. Click the light blue New Write Off Batch button to create a new batch, or click the white Add to Write Off Batch button to add to an existing batch.

  8. Name the batch, add a description, and review the summary.

  9. Click Save and Yes to confirm

  10. Click the green Process button on the batch details page

  11. Click Yes to confirm

    1. The Batch status will update to InProcess. A notification will populate when the process is complete.

    2. Once processed, the batch status will update to Pending. Billing entries will be created for each punch entry. If an entry was partially billable, two billing entries will be created:

      1. Entry in Write-Off status for the unbillable portion

      2. Entry in Pending status for the billable portion

  12. Review the entries and make any manual overrides if necessary. To manually override:

    1. Click a Billing Entry to open the Entry Details page

    2. Click Actions

    3. Select Edit Entry from the drop-down menu

    4. Make the desired changes

    5. Click Save and Yes to confirm

  13. Click Approve on the batch details page

  14. Click Yes to confirm

    1. The batch status will update to Transmit InProcess. A notification will populate when the process is complete.

    2. Once processed, the batch status will update to Transmitted. The billable billing entry will be updated to a status of Approved.

  15. Click the Attachments tab to view the Raw Billing Dump File

After the organization has received payment for the billable entries, the batch can be reconciled by clicking Reconcile and uploading an appropriately formatted CSV file. Write-off entries are not reconciled.