The 21st Century Cures Act, which was signed into law in 2016, requires state agencies to implement a system of electronic visit verification (EVV) for personal care services and home health services provided and reimbursed under Medicaid.

EVV is a process that uses electronic means to verify care provider visits for personal or home health care services. The data collected during visits includes the date of service provided, the start and end time, the type of service performed, the location of the service performed, and the service provider. 

There are six components of EVV that the provider will collect at each visit:

  1. The type of service performed
  2. The individual receiving the service
  3. The date of the service
  4. The location of the service
  5. The individual providing the service
  6. The time the service begins and ends

Using DCI, the provider can collect EVV using the following methods*:

  • Mobile app

  • Landline telephone

  • FOB device

*Not all EVV methods are available in all programs. Contact your coordinator to learn which EVV methods are approved for your program.