Description: In this topic, the user will learn how to export and download entries from the entries table into Excel. This allows the user to total the units using the sum formula in Excel.

Role Required: Employee (base user)

Permission Required: N/A

Export/Download Entries Table

  1. Log in to personal profile
  2. Select Entries from the submenu
  3. Use the filters to locate specific entries and click Search OR click the Export button to download the table to a CSV file and use Excel filters to locate specific entries
    1. The name of the document will be the date, ID number, and a brief description of the table (e.g., 06012023-14558-puncheslist.csv)
    2. Locate the document in the computer's Downloads folder
  4. Open a blank Excel document and click cell A1
  5. Click the Data tab
  6. Click From Text/CSV
  7. Locate the exported file and click Import
  8. Click Load
  9. Use the sum formula to determine the total of the units

See the article How do I download/export, sort, filter, and sum data in Microsoft Excel in the Help Center for more information.