• DCI can run a system process to automatically approve employee time entries based on the criteria set by the organization. This process is called auto approval.

  • Auto approval is when the time entry meets the criteria determined by the organization, and a supervisor or employer does not need to approve it.

  • Any time entries that do not meet the criteria would remain in a pending status for review by the supervisor or employer

  • If an entry's funding source has the auto approval setting "Exclude From Auto Approval" set to Yes, the entry will not be attempted by auto approval, even if it passes all business rules. The entry will remain in a status of pending for supervisor or employer review.

  • If the funding source of the entry has the setting "Approve Unverified EVV" set to No, the picture, signature, or voice recording must be approved before auto approval runs or the entry will fail auto approval and remain in a pending status.

Auto Approval can be configured for the following account types:

  • Hourly

  • Client Transportation

  • Residential Programs (Employee Punch entries only)

  • Day Programs (Employee Punch entries only)

Available Criteria for Auto Approval

  • Does it put the employee over 40 hours in the pay week?

  • Does it put the client over the authorization?

  • Did it match the schedule (within an acceptable variation)?

  • Was it entered from an approved location (did it pass geofencing)? (Hourly Only)

  • Does the punch entry have completed client verification? (Hourly Only)

What does completed verification mean?

All of the following entries pass this check:

  • Phone EVV Entries

  • Entries created with a valid FOB token

  • Mobile App entries with any of the following:

    • PIN/Password EVV

    • Signature EVV (signature does not have to be verified)

    • Picture EVV (picture does not have to be verified)

    • Voice Recording EVV (recording does not have to be verified)

  • Entries with completed portal signoff

Business Rules

  • If any of these business rules fail, the punch entry will fail auto approval.

    • Authorization business rule if enabled in mode 2

      • Authorization Daily Max

      • Authorization Weekly Max

      • Authorization Monthly Max

    • Max Hours Per Week Per Employee

    • Timely Filing Employee Punch Approval (phase 3)

*Please note: Auto Approval is managed based on the organization's configuration settings. If interested in this feature, please reach out to DCI to get started.