Description: In this topic employees will learn how to view and search for accounts that are created for your profile. Accounts allow you to make a variety of punches. Accounts link you to a specific service, client, or program. Supervisors or employers create accounts for employees.

*Please note: When reviewing accounts, if you are missing an account, please reach out to your supervisor or employer.

Role Required: Employee

Permission Required:

  1. Log in to DCI with your personal profile
  2. Select Home from the main menu
  3. Select Accounts from the submenu
  4. View all your Accounts in the Accounts table under the search window
    1. Up to 30 accounts will be displayed
    2. To view additional accounts scroll to the bottom of the list of 30 and the system will load additional accounts
  5. Export your accounts by clicking the Export button at the top of the Accounts table
    1. The list will be exports as a CSV file
  6. Search for an Account in the search window using the search criteria, then click the Search button
  7. The search results will be displayed in the Accounts table below the search window