Description: In this topic, the user will learn how to approve client residential program attendance. Attendance should be approved directly after the end of the month, or as instructed.

Role Required: Super User, Supervisor

Permission Required: Residential Program Admin

Approve Client Attendance

  1. Log in to the DCI web portal
  2. Click Home on the main menu
  3. Click Residential Programs on the submenu
  4. Use the filters to search for the program and click Search
  5. Click anywhere in the program row to open the Program Details page
  6. Click the green Approve Attendance button
  7. Select the date range to approve and click Submit
  8. The table will display all clients in the program. Review each row.
  9. Click the green Verify All button to verify for all clients at once, or the green Verify button in each row to verify individually. If attendance was already generated, the Verify button will not be available.
  10. Click Yes to confirm

Click the video below to launch the video player in a new tab.