Residential Program Attendance should be approved shortly after the end of the month, or as instructed by your supervisor. To approve client attendance:

  1. Sign in to your Personal Profile
  2. Click the Residential Programs on the sidebar
  3. Search for the program using the filters, and click "Search"
  4. Click anywhere in the Program row on the table to open the Program Details page
  5. Click "Approve Attendance"
  6. Under the Program Details window, select the date range you are approving attendance for (i.e. If approving for October, the Select Date would be 10/01/2015 and the To date would be 10/31/2015)
  7. Click "Submit"
  8. The table will display all clients in the program, once per service. For example, if a client has both Residential and Room & Board, he or she will be listed twice. Review each row, ensuring the number of absents and the number of presents to be generated are correct.
  9. Click the "Verify All" button to verify for all clients at once, or click the "Verify" button in each row to verify one at a time. If attendance was already generated, the Verify button will not be available.
  10. Click "Yes" on the confirmation window

NOTE: This task requires Supervisor Role.

Was a client absent? See the "Enter Client Absence" How-To.

Need to approve Day Program or Group Service Attendance? See the "Approve Client Day Program and Group Service Attendance" How-To.

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