Description: In this topic you will learn how to unlock a Residential, Day, or Parenting Program Profile. If a program profile's password is entered incorrectly more than the number of attempts configured based on the organization security policy, the profile will be locked. The supervisor associated with the program or other administrator will need to unlock the profile.

*Please note: The amount of times a password can be entered before locking a user out of the system is configurable. For example, if an organizations security policy is after 3 incorrect entries a user is locked out, then the number of attempts could be set to 3 for your organization.

Role Required: Superuser, Supervisor

Permission Required: Residential Program Admin, Day Program Admin, Parenting Program Admin

  1. Sign into your Personal Profile

  2. Click Home on the main menu

  3. Click the type of program on the submenu (Residential Programs, Day Programs, or Parenting Programs)

  4. Search for the program by entering the criteria in the filters and clicking Search

  5. Click anywhere in the program row to open the Program Details Page

  6. Click the blue Unlock next to Authentication Status in the Program Details window

  7. Click Yes on the confirmation alert window