Description: In this topic, the user will learn how to request service.

Role Required: Client

Permission Required: N/A

Request Service

  1. Log in to DCI 
  2. Click Schedules on the submenu
  3. Click Actions
  4. Select Add New Client Request from the drop-down menu
  5. Complete the Client Requests form
    1. Day – Select date
    2. Time – Enter the requested start time
    3. To – Enter the requested end time
    4. Service Code – Select from the drop-down options
    5. Employee – Begin typing the requested employee’s name and select it from the drop-down
      1. Please note: If the employee is unavailable, the supervisor may schedule an alternative employee.
    6. Click Save and Yes to confirm
      1. The request will appear on the schedule in orange as a requested shift and has been sent to the supervisor for review
      2. The client will receive a notification when this review is complete if the organization has enabled messaging
      3. The shift will appear in blue on the schedule if the request is approved
      4. If rejected, it will no longer appear, and the supervisor will provide details surrounding the rejection.
      5. To send a message to the supervisor using secure messaging, right-click on the requested shift and click Send Message. 

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