Description: In this topic, the user will learn an overview of the day program profile. The day program profile is designed to keep time and attendance for clients who attend and employees who work at a day program for individuals with disabilities. Typically, a worker at the day program will log in to the DCI day program profile at check in and check out, so that employees and clients can easily log their attendance in the system.

Role Required: Super User, Supervisor, Client, Employee (base user)

Permission Required: Day Program Admin

Kiosk Mode

The Day Program profile features a kiosk mode enabling clients to check in or out on a kiosk (shared device at the day program site).


The day program dashboard displays news posts, which are important messages from the day program. Click on other submenu options to check in or out, or view the schedule.


From this submenu tab, a client can be checked in, checked out, or have attendance verified. Check in single or multiple clients at a time. Click a client's name to open the details page.


Here, an employee can clock in and out.


View program entries and details. Employees and clients can also be clocked or checked in and out from this page.


View the program schedule. All edits are made from the super user or supervisor profile.