A DCI mobile app update will be required Monday morning, December 13th, for our maintenance release. Please alert your mobile users that they will need to update their app first thing Monday morning.

While most of the features of this release happen behind the scenes, we are pleased to inform you that the "Remember Me" feature is now working as designed. A lot of users have provided valuable feedback which allowed us to make the necessary improvements to this feature.

Although this is a maintenance release, it still requires a bit of downtime and an app update. The system will be unavailable to all users from Sunday, December 12th at 11:30 PM to Monday, Monday, December 13th at 1:30 AM MST (2 hours). We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

Be sure to update your app on the 13th! As always, please reach out to your DCI Account Rep if you have any questions.