Description: In this topic, the user will learn how to make an EVV-compliant punch using a DCI FOB device. The DCI FOB is an alternative method of EVV that can be used when the employee does not have a smartphone/device and the client does not have a landline. The FOB is a small device that is secured in the home client’s home. FOB EVV is not available for all programs. There is a replacement cost for lost, missing, or broken FOBs. Speak with a supervisor for details.

Role Required: Employee (base user)

Permission Required: N/A


  1. At the beginning of the shift, locate the DCI FOB that is in a fixed place in the Client’s home.

  2. Press the red button on the FOB at the start of the shift. Write down the 6-digit token and start time.

  3. Press the red button on the FOB at the end of the shift. Write down the 6-digit token and end time. 

Enter Fob Tokens on the Web Portal

The FOB requires the employee to enter the recorded information (date of service, start time, start token, end time, and end token) into the DCI web portal.

Log in to DCI and click the blue Add Entry button on the dashboard. The Add New Entry form wizard will open, and the first three fields will auto-populate: 

    • Entry Type: Punch

    • Employee Name: Your Name

    • Account Type: Hourly

Follow the steps below to complete the required fields. Each program may have different requirements or additional fields to document. Speak with a supervisor to ensure there are no additional required fields for the program.

Complete the Add New Entry form wizard

  1. Client: Enter the client's name and select it from the list

  2. Service Code: The service code(s) authorized for the client. Select the one that is most appropriate for the service rendered.

  3. Service Date: The date the service took place and was recorded.

  4. Check In/Check Out: Enter the recorded clock in/clock out times. Both fields are required. Click in the field for a time drop-down which displays in half-hour increments.

    1. Time can be entered directly into the field OR

    2. Select the time from the drop-down if the shift started or ended at either the top of an hour or half past the hour

  5. Click the EVV Method drop-down and choose FOB

    1. The EVV Location fields may be optional or required

    2. This will create a new field labeled Start Token and End Token below the EVV Location fields

  6. Enter Start Token

    1. The token is the 6-digit code from the FOB that was previously recorded

  7. Enter End Token

    1. The token is the 6-digit code from the FOB that was previously recorded

  8. Notes & Attachments are optional but refer to the program's policy regarding notes and attachments

    1. Grayed-out fields such as Employee Name, Check Out Date and Diagnostic Code are not editable.

  9. Click Save and Yes to confirm

Repeat these steps for any additional days that you need to submit. For example, if you are submitting this on Friday for the week, you would have a separate entry for each day Monday through Friday, so you would repeat these steps five times.

FOB Entries - Invalid Tokens

If the time entered does not match the FOB token, the following Alert will appear when attempting to save:

FOB Start and End Tokens are invalid. Do you want to continue with Client Portal Sign Off?

  • Click No to return to the Add New Entry page and ensure the following fields are correct:

    • Service Date

    • Check In/Check Out

    • Start Token

    • End Token

  • Click Yes if unable to correct the FOB tokens

    • Ask a supervisor for policies on non-EVV-compliant entries

      • For example, a program may require the client or authorized client representative to sign off before this punch can be processed for payment

    • This punch is now non-EVV compliant