The July 2021 DCI release includes the following:

  • General maintenance to help your system run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
  • Updates to increase our 508 compliance. This release contains many improvements to make the DCI Portal, Mobile App, and Mobile Web fully accessible for people with disabilities. We will continue to take steps in future releases to make the system even safer and more accessible than it already is.
  • Perhaps the most exciting update for front-end users is that the system now has multilingual functionality! The following languages are now available for Clients and Employee Profiles with no roles:  English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Mandarin, and Somali. There are a few ways to set the preferred language.
    • Employee Profiles with no roles/permissions and Client Profiles Users can select the preferred language on the login screen or home page of the DCI Portal, Mobile App, and Mobile Web. Check out this short How-To Article for full details.
    • Users will be prompted to select the preferred language when they create a new profile (both through self-registration and when an admin user creates a new profile).
    • Users with the correct role/permission can set the preferred language on a new or existing profile. See the Setting Preferred Language article on the Help Center for step-by-step instructions.

To download the release notes click the image below:

To watch a demonstration of these new features click the image below: