Happy Summer, DCI Users!

There will be a DCI Web Portal release Thursday, June 23rd. There is no mobile app update required for this release.

While most of the features of this release happen behind the scenes, we are pleased to inform you of the following new features and enhancements.

Report Enhancements
We have added the column Client ID to the Authorization Entries Report and the column Account Reference to the Service Accounts Report. The changes can be accessed in our Reports Guide.

New Report
A Cost Center report was added to the Settings Reports. To access this report, you must have a Superuser role in the system. To run the report, click Reports on the main menu, then Settings on the sub menu to expand the flyout menu, then click Cost Center to load the report. The report contains the following information and can be filtered by state and status of the cost center:

  • Cost Center Id

  • Cost Center Name

  • Cost Center Code

  • Cost Center Reference

  • Cost Center Reference2

  • State

  • Status

For more information, view the Reports Guide.

Multiple Attachments
Users with a role that can access attachments, can now download multiple attachments into a .zip file. Steps to download attachments are listed in our Manage Attachments article in the help center. This feature is only available for attachments on Client and Employee profiles.

Payroll Dump File
A new column called Base Rate will be added to the end of the raw payroll dump file. This column will always show the base rate as it appears on an employee punch entry regardless of blending or multiplier rules. The base rate will always appear in the Base Rate column as opposed to a blended rate and/or multiplied rate that would appear in the existing Rate column.

Imports Module
The Import File Formats have been updated and imports have been added for Group Service Entry Approval and Group Service Entry Reject. To access click Imports on the main menu, then Entries on the sub menu to expand the flyout menu, then click either Group Service Entry Approval or Group Service Entry Reject to load the import details page.

To access further information on any of the features or enhancements, please click on any of the hyperlinks above or visit our help center by clicking the button below for all resources.

This release requires a bit of downtime. The system will be unavailable to all users from Thursday, June 23rd from 1:30 AM to 3:30 AM EST (2 hours). We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. As always, please reach out to your DCI Account Rep if you have any questions.