Description: In this topic, the user will learn how to sign electronically with E-Signature EVV/client attestation. If the client's employee is using the DCI mobile App to record punches and the client is using E-Signature as an EVV/client attestation method, follow the steps below.

Role Required: Client

Permission Required: N/A

E-Signature EVV

  1. The employee will click the E-Signature button and hand the device to the client

  2. The client uses their finger, stylus, or adaptive device to draw their signature on the screen.

    1. If the signature looks good, click Save.

      1. If the save button is selected without a signature entered into the device, an alert will appear, and the employee will not be able to proceed.

    2. To write the signature again, click Clear.

      1. Repeat as many times as necessary

  3. After the signature is saved, the employee will click Confirm in the alert window to validate it.