• Android devices may at times have difficultly accessing the DCI mobile app

  • The device may not allow the user to open the DCI mobile app or it may display a never ending loading or spinning login screen

  • To reset the app, the user will need to clear the DCI app data by following the instructions below

  • Please note: The instructions to clear the DCI app data may vary slightly in the wording for settings or buttons as it varies by device and android version. If the exact match is not found, look for similarly named settings or buttons.

Clear the DCI app data on any Android device

  1. Navigate and select the device Setting icon
  2. Select Apps & notifications from the Setting list
  3. Scroll and select the DCI app
  4. Select Storage
  5. Select the Clear Data button
  6. Select OK to confirm the action
  7. The app data has been successfully cleared, try to access the DCI mobile app