Step-by-step guide

Purpose: This guide details the process that goes into setting up a provider profile and when a provider will receive login information for the OR PTC DCI system.

Outcome: The provider will understand the key steps that must occur before a profile is active in OR PTC DCI.

  1. Your application to be a provider has been approved and you have received your provider number.
  2. A consumer has hired you to work for them. Note: They must be approved for services through Aging and People with Disabilities or AMH Behavioral Health.
  3. The consumer or their representative have spoken to the case manager. The case manager has created a Service Plan, assigning you hours and miles (if applicable).
  4. The office has assigned you hours and miles in the State’s authorization system. Note: The case manager must work with other staff to get your hours/miles entered in the authorization system.
  5. The State’s authorization system sends this information to OR PTC DCI. Note: This step can take up to 2 business days.
  6. The PTC Support team creates your profile. They send you an email* with your username and temporary password. 
  7. You are now able to log into your OR PTC DCI profile.

*Contact your local/program office to verify or update your email address.