OR PTC DCI Web Portal

OR PTC DCI Web Portal Overview

Payroll Batch and Time Entry Guide

Walk through of creating a payroll batch using the Punch Entries Report


How to guide on finding and downloading reports.

Time Entry Management

Guide on pending time entries management, adjustments, over/underpayments, and historical entries.

User Settings Guide

How to update the password, PIN, security questions, email, phone number and username in OR PTC DCI.

Profile Management​

How-to Guide on updating User Profiles in OR PTC DCI.

Authorization Management

Informational Guide about Funding Accounts, Service Accounts, and Authorization Management.

Auditor Guide

Informational Guide specifically for users with an Auditor role in OR PTC DCI.

Troubleshooting Guide

Contains troubleshooting steps for a wide variety of issues staff may come across related to entering time in Mainframe or looking at entries in OR PTC DCI, as well as issues the provider reported.

Staff Training



OR PTC DCI Staff Training Video

Step-by-step training video for Staff on how to use OR PTC DCI.

Provider and Consumer Materials



Provider Learning Materials Catalog

Catalog containing all of the Provider learning materials and resources.

OR PTC DCI English Provider Orientation

OR PTC DCI Russian Provider Orientation

OR PTC DCI Spanish Provider Orientation

OR PTC DCI Vietnamese Provider Orientation

This is a video recording of the Provider Orientation Session where each method of time entry is explained in depth with step-by-step instructions on how to use each Method.

Consumer/Consumer Employer Representative Learning Materials Catalog

Catalog containing all of the Consumer/Consumer Employer Representative learning materials and resources.

Provider and Consumer Resource GuideA list of resources available to support Providers and Consumers.

Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)



Submitting a Request to PTC Support

Step-by-step process to submit a request to the PTC Support team.

Red Eye Pending Entries

Guide on what each red eye pending entry means, and the actions needed to remedy the pending entry.

Time Conversion Chart

Chart showing the conversion of minutes to decimal hours.

Updating an Authorization

Step-by-step instructions on how to update an authorization in OR PTC DCI.

Correcting a Punch Entry in Approved Status

Walkthrough for State Staff to correct a punch entry that is in “Approved” status.

Correcting a Punch Entry in Processed Status

Walkthrough for State Staff to correct a punch entry that is in “Processed” status.

Consumer Passes Away

This guide provides instructions for staff on what actions to take in OR PTC DCI after a consumer passes away to ensure their account is properly closed.

Entry Status

This Quick Reference Guide covers the different time entry statuses that a time entry can have in OR PTC DCI, and what actions a staff member or provider can take for each status.

Resetting Passwords

This guide shows resetting a consumer, provider, or CER’s profile in OR PTC DCI.

Explanation of PTC Errors in Mainframe

List of PTC Error in Mainframe and what they mean.

Business Rule List

List of Business Rules enabled in OR PTC DCI.

Adding a Note to a Provider’s Profile

Step-by-step guide on how to add notes to a Provider’s Profile in OR PTC DCI.

Importing Excel Sheets into Google

Step-by-step guide on how to import Excel Sheets into Google Drive

How to Find a UniID Number

Step-by-step guide showing where to find a Provider’s UniID in DHR.

How to Download and Format Batch Reports

Step-by-step instructions on how to download and format batch reports using Excel.

OR PTC DCI Mobile App Offline

How to use the offline feature in the mobile app.

OR PTC DCI Landline Tip Sheet

How to create a real-time punch as well as the available OR PTC DCI Landline numbers to call.

How to Uninstall and Reinstall the OR PTC DCI Mobile App on Apple Devices

Step-by-step reference guide on how to uninstall and reinstall the OR PTC DCI mobile app from an Apple smart device.

Unable to Access DCI Mobile App on Android Device

Step-by-step instructions on clearing the DCI App Data (cache) on any Android device.

Linking a Fob to a Consumer

Outline the steps required to successfully link a Consumer to a fob in the Local Office. These steps assume the local office has a fob stored locally.

Unlinking a Fob to a Consumer

Outline the steps required to successfully unlink a Consumer to a fob in the Local Office.

Staff Resource GuideA list including all available support resources for Staff.
Profile Requests for OR PTC DCIExplains how to use the Staff Profile Maintenance form to make changes to the OR PTC DCI profiles of staff members.


Online Learning

CBT Title


Recovering a Forgotten Password

Hands on step-by-step how to change a password when it has been forgotten.

Logging in to OR PTC DCI and Changing Your User Settings

Hands on walkthrough of changing a user’s personal settings.


Business Processes

Business Process


1.1.2 Provider Switches During Pay Period - Permanently


There is a need for a permanent switch in provider(s) during a pay period.

1.1.3 Provider Switches During Pay Period - Temporarily


There is a need for a one-time switch in provider(s) during a pay period.

1.1.4 Change in Authorizations


A change/update in an authorization is needed.

1.1.5 Relinking a Provider and ConsumerProvider begins working for a Consumer they previously had stopped working for.

1.2.1 Add a New Provider

A new provider needs a profile

1.2.2 Change Provider Status

A provider status needs to be changed.

1.2.3 Update Provider InformationProvider information must be updated.
1.2.4 Provider Number ReinstatedProvider number is reinstated after being terminated.

1.3.1 Add a New Consumer

A new consumer needs a profile in OR PTC DCI.

1.3.2 Update Consumer Information

Consumer information must be updated in OR PTC DCI.

1.3.3 Consumer Transfers to a New Branch or Program

A long-term care consumer moves to a new branch or program.

1.3.4. Return or Request a Fob in the Local OfficeA fob is returned to the local office.

1.4.1 Add or Remove Consumer Employer Representative

CER needs to be added.

1.4.2 Update Consumer Employer Representative Information

CER information must be updated.

1.4.3 Create New Consumer Employer Representative

CER profile needs to be created.

1.5.1 Managing Staff Profiles

Staff member needs an OR PTC DCI profile to be created, modified, or closed.

1.5.3 Unlock a Profile

OR PTC DCI profile must be unlocked.

1.6.0 Manually Adding or Updating Branch Info

OR PTC DCI support receives notification of branch change from BOTS legacy BAs.

1.7.0 Setting Up EVV Options with Consumers and Providers

This process includes confirming the option they have chosen, confirming the landline, set up with the fob, set up telephony historical time entry (Consumer needs PIN), set up phone EVV, etc.

2.1.0 Increase in Weekly Cap


Case manager identified an exception need to increase a provider's weekly cap.

2.12.0 Provider Goes Over Authorized Hours


Pended Entries Management where an entry pends due to the going over the authorized hours.

2.2.3 Correct Entry Mistake


A mistake has occurred or a consumer/CER disputes an entry.

2.3.0 Entries Claimed After 365 DaysProvider has time to turn in past 365 days.

2.6.2 End Authorization, Expiration, Terminations

A provider is terminated, an authorization ends, or their credentials expire.

3.3.0 Consumer Passes Away

A consumer passed away.

4.1.1 Pending Entries Management


The process for working the pend queue on a daily basis. The purpose is to either approve or reject time entries that have failed a business rule and resolving the issues that caused them to pend.

4.3.0 Time Entry


This is the process for entering time from OR PTC DCI into Mainframe.

4.4.0 Over and Underpayments

How to process under and over payments.

6.1.0 Case with Multiple Providers & Varying Hours

The process for handling cases that have multiple Providers who have varying hours every pay period.


New User Forms



Staff Profile Maintenance Form 

Form to request the addition of a new State User, modify the access of a current State User, or deactivate a State User.

Consumer/Provider Profile Maintenance Form

Form to request the addition of a new Consumer/Provider combination or to deactivate a Consumer/Provider.

Consumer Employer Representative Profile Maintenance Form​

Form to request the addition or deactivation of a Consumer Employer Representative.