No, once information has been entered into DCI it cannot be deleted. However, DCI does have different options that allow an object to be removed from being active in the system.

Inactive: You can set the status of almost any DCI object to Inactive. Examples includes Funding Sources, Funding Accounts, Profiles, and Programs, etc. Each object will have a Status field. The default status is Active. When an object is no longer being used, you can update the status to Inactive. While an object is in an Inactive status, no system action can be taken on it. When setting a profile status, i.e., employee or client to Inactive please note the profile will still be able to be logged into. To search for Inactive objects, make sure to toggle the search bar status to Inactive. The object is not deleted, but will be unable to be used or easily searched for while in Inactive status.

Disabled: When an employee or client is no longer with the organization, set their authentication status to Disabled. This will prohibit the client or employee from being able to log in. The profiles are not deleted, but they can not be accessed while in Disabled status.

Cancel/Edit Punch: Punch entries can not be deleted from the system, even ones made in error. However, the punch can be cancelled or edited. Please see the article on how to cancel/edit a punch for more instruction.