Description: In this topic, the user will learn about pending entries and what actions can be taken. A supervisor or employer can view all pending entries along with details. These users can manually approve, reject, or export pending entries. Pending entries that meet the criteria for auto approval will approve automatically when the process runs (every 30 minutes) and will drop off the pending entries list.

Role Required: Supervisor or Employer in the cost center where the punch was made

Permission Required: N/A

  1. Log in to DCI

  2. Select Home from the main menu

  3. Select Pending Entries from the submenu

    1. The number of pending entries will display on the submenu in brackets - e.g., Pending Entries (10)

  4. Use the filters to locate entries and click Search

    1. Click anywhere in the entry row to select it and view the entry details

  5. Export entries by clicking the Export button

    1. If no search criteria are defined, the export action will export all pending entries in the table.

    2. If search criteria are defined, only the entries in the search criteria will be exported.

  6. Entry table columns:

    1. Approve: Click A or the red R to approve or reject the entry

    2. Punch ID: Punch ID number that is hyperlinked to the punch details page

    3. Service Date

    4. Start Time

    5. End Time

    6. Cost Center

    7. Client/Program Name - Hyperlink to the client or program details page

    8. Employee/Program Name - Hyperlink to the employee or program details page

    9. Service Code/Type

    10. Amount - Amount of time of the entry

    11. EVV: Yes, No, or N/A

    12. Needs Review: A gray question mark or red eye icon will display if the entry needs review

      1. Hover over the icon to view the violation. Many violations are caused by a business rule violation or EVV failure.