Description: In this topic, the user will learn how to approve client requests for service. Clients are able to request service for a specific date and time, as well as the preferred employee. Supervisors of the client’s cost center will receive a notification when a new request is submitted if messaging templates are enabled.

Role Required: Super User, Supervisor

Permission Required: N/A

View Client Requests

  1. Log in to DCI
  2. Click Scheduling on the main menu
  3. Click Client Requests on the submenu
  4. The results table will display all client requests for the cost centers for which the user has the supervisor role
  5. Review the details of the request and take appropriate action:
    1. Click A to approve the request. The entry will move from pending to published status.
    2. Click the blue E to edit the shift time or the requested employee
    3. Click the red R to reject the request
  6. If messaging templates are enabled, the client/guardian will be notified when the review is complete.

Click the video below to launch the video player in a new tab.