Description: In this topic, the user will learn about the feature schedule comparison and setting the schedule deviation. When using the scheduling module, schedule comparison is an available feature. Schedule comparison looks for the coinciding schedule for each punch entry. When using schedule comparison, setting the schedule deviation for punch entries is needed. The deviation is the number of minutes outside of the scheduled shift that schedule comparison will look for in a punch entry.

  • Schedule comparison is required to be turned on if the aggregator/state requires schedules for punch entries.

    • If a schedule is not found for the punch entry, the punch entry is deemed a late visit and a reason code will be required for the punch entry.

  • Punch Entries with schedule deviation will be flagged in pending entries as needing review prior to auto approval running in the environment

    • Auto approval will approve punch entries with schedule deviation

*Please note: Schedule comparison is an instance-level setting. Please submit a help desk support ticket (Zendesk) to request this feature be enabled.

Role Required: Super User

Permission Required: N/A

Setting Schedule Deviation

  1. Log in to DCI

  2. Click Settings on the main menu

  3. Click Funding Sources on the submenu

  4. Click Actions

  5. Select Edit Funding Source from the drop-down menu

  6. Click the drop-down for the field Schedule Compare Logic

  7. Select Duration from the drop-down

  8. Enter the minutes (i.e. 60) for allowed deviation

    1. The minutes are the time before and after a punch entry that schedule comparison will look for a coinciding schedule

  9. Click Save and Yes to confirm

Locating Schedule Entry ID

  1. Log in to DCI

  2. Click Home on the main menu

  3. Click Employees or Clients on the submenu

  4. Search for the employee or client by using the filters, then click Search.

  5. Select the employee or client by clicking anywhere on the row

  6. Click the entries tab

  7. Select the punch entry to view

  8. In the EVV Details widget, view the Schedule Entry ID.

    1. The Schedule Comparison will also show in the EVV Details Widget