Description: In this topic, new and existing users will learn how to log into the DCI web portal. Each organization has its own unique website address for the DCI system. The organization will provide the web address information, along with the username and temporary password. When the user's DCI profile is created, a registration email will be sent to the email listed on the employee profile. All users must have a valid email address. The new user must open the email and take the steps below to activate their account.

Role Required: Employee (base user)

Permission Required: N/A

New User Log In

  1. Locate the email sent by the system called "Confirm your profile". The sender email will be Check the spam folder if the email has not been received.
  2. Select the blue Activate Your Profile button in the email
    1. Please note: The Activate Your Profile or Reset Password button link will only be active for a specific amount of time determined by the organization (typically 24 hours)
    2. After clicking the Activate Your Profile button in the email, if the link is inactive, an alert stating "Invalid Token - Please contact your DCI administrator" will appear. Select the Resend the Email button and proceed back to step 2
  3. The Authenticate Password page will open. Enter the temporary password and select the blue Authenticate button.
  4. The Update Password page will open. Enter a new password then confirm it. Select the Update Password button. The password criteria may vary by organization, but the following is typical:
    1. Must be at least 10 characters 
    2. Must contain 1 uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and special character 
    3. Must not contain more than two repeated characters in a row 
    4. The password should be different from the 3 previous passwords
    5. Password should not contain the user's account name or parts of the user's full name that exceed two consecutive characters 
  5. An alert box will appear. Select Yes to confirm updating the password. 
  6. The DCI profile login page will open. Enter the updated login credentials (username/email and password) and select the blue Sign In button.
    1. Please note: Email addresses can be used in lieu of usernames in SP mode only. FI mode requires a username.
  7. The Update Security Details page will open. The user will be prompted to select a security question and type an answer. Security questions are case-sensitive. Click the blue Save button. This information will be used as a verification option if the user selects the Forgot Password link to reset their password.
  8. The user is now logged into their DCI profile

Existing User Log In

  1. Navigate to the web address provided by your organization
  2. Enter username
    1. Click the Remember Me checkbox to have the system remember the username
  3. Enter password
    1. Click Forgot your password to reset the password
      1. Please note: The answer to the security question is required to reset the password
  4. Click Sign In to log on to the web portal