Description: In this topic you will learn how to log in to the DCI mobile app. Download the DCI mobile app for your organization. 

Role Required: N/A

Permission Required: N/A

To use the DCI Mobile App, you must:

  • Have a smart device (phone or tablet)

  • Have internet access or mobile data available

    • NOTE: The DCI mobile app does work in areas of low or no network availability using Offline Mode (Mobile Offline Mode is an instance level setting). In order to use Offline Mode, a device must be connected to the internet the first time you log in. View the article, Mobile App Offline - Employee.

Before You Login for the First Time

  • Your Username and Password will be provided by your organization

  • Your organization will also provide a System Identifier, which is a code provided to you with your login information, that will connect you, as a user, to your organization's instance of DCI

First login

  1. When you open the app, a system alert will appear saying, Allow DCI Mobile EVV to access this device's location, click Allow only while using the app
    1. This happens at first login only
  2. Enter the System Identifier provided
    1. This happens at first login only
  3. Enter Username and Password and then
  4. Click Login

Logging in after the first login

  1. Enter Username and Password and then
  2. Click Login