Description: In this topic, the user being reimbursed for mileage will learn how to create a client transportation punch.

  • Client transportation is used to track the billable service called mileage

  • If mileage is included in the individual service plan, employees are required to track it to be reimbursed for miles.

  • Not all programs offer client transportation. This is an optional clock in process for programs who have enabled it.

*Please note: For multiple stops, create a punch for each trip to ensure accurate mileage.

Role Required: Employee (base user)

Permission Required: N/A

Create a Client Transportation Punch

  1. Open the DCI mobile application

  2. Log in to personal profile

  3. Click Clock In 

    1. If the Continue to Clock Out button is displayed instead of Clock In, this means the user did not clock out of the last shift and must complete the clock out process before clocking in again.

  4. Complete the Clock In screen

    1. Client: If there is only one client, the field will auto-populate. If there is more than one client, click the field to select the appropriate client then click OK to confirm.

    2. Service Code: If there is only one service code, the field will auto-populate. If there is more than one service code, click the field to select the appropriate service code then click OK to confirm.

    3. Cost Center: The cost center will auto-populate

  5. Click Continue

  6. Click Start Client Transportation

  7. Click Confirm to acknowledge that tracking client transportation may impact battery life

  8. If prompted, click Allow Only While Using the App.

  9. Click Confirm to allow the device to generate the location. This feature is integrated with Google Maps, which will display on the screen.

  10. Click Confirm to validate the location. Mileage is now being recorded as driving begins.

  11. Click End when arrived at the destination

  12. Click Confirm to validate the map location

The client transportation process is now complete. Repeat the steps for each stop.