This guide is for all staff who work with consumers and providers using the OR PTC DCI system, including both AAA/APD and HSD programs.

Support Resources:

If you need help completing a task in OR PTC DCI, we have support for you! Please see the tables below for detailed support avenues to assist with troubleshooting and guidance.


Type of Resource


Business Processes

These are diagrams intended to provide clear guidance on statewide processes related to PTC.

Computer Based Trainings (CBTs)

These are online modules intended to allow users a more engaging training experience as users click through the operations as the trainer is narrating the steps.


These are comprehensive documents intended to help guide users through system tasks they might experience infrequently.

Quick Reference Guides

These are short documents intended to help guide users through common system tasks they will experience regularly.


Training video intended to help walk users through common processes they would need to use the system.


NOTE: When contacting one of the identified support resources below, remember to include the full name of the associated user, prime number/provider number (and UNI-ID if possible)/OR number/P number as applicable, and any additional applicable case information needed for the support person to assist you.

There is a separate Resources Quick Reference Guide for providers and consumers on the OR PTC DCI Help Center webpage offering specific guidance related to their roles. Providers and consumers should be referred to that guide. It includes information on the DCI Help Desk and breaks down the types of questions the DCI Help Desk can answer. The DCI Help Desk cannot make any changes to a user’s profile or entries.

The DCI Help Desk is not a resource for staff members. Staff should reach out to for help.


Support Need

Support to contact



  • Authorization Errors/Accidental Rejections
  • Branch Transfers
  • Business Rule Failures – Unknown Failure
  • Consumer Passing Away
  • Deactivating and Reactivating profiles
  • New Staff Profile Creation
  • New to OR PTC DCI and Getting Started
  • New, lost, broken or malfunctioning fobs
  • New User Forms
  • Payroll Batch Issues
  • Report OR PTC DCI issues (Auto calculation mistakes, bugs/glitches on cases, etc.)
  • Unlinking and Relinking Consumer and Provider Pairings
  • Unlocking Staff Accounts
  • Updates to Staff Roles or Permissions
  • Miscellaneous PTC Questions or Comments

PTC Support



APD Staff Tools – PTC Page:


·       Alternative Language Guides

·       Business Processes

·       Consumer Employer Representative Guides

·       Consumer Guides

·       Provider Guides

·       Quick Reference Guides

·       Staff Guides

·       Training Videos

·       User Guides

OR PTC DCI Help Center

*This is the online support page with all OR PTC DCI learning materials, including all translated materials.



Staff Learning Materials Catalog:


Staff Training Video

PTC YouTube Channel

Provider Certifications

OHCC Staff Directory

Oregon Home Care Commission


Link to OHCC Staff Directory:

HCW Enrollment

HCW Payment Adjustments

Provider Relations Unit



HCW Terminations

HCW Fraud

HCW Policy Analyst


APD/AAA Policy Questions

APD Medicaid Policy


OHA/HSD Policy Questions

HSD Policy


The OIS Service Desk has been provided with basic information on OR PTC DCI, but for streamlined assistance, please contact PTC Support for any issues related to OR PTC DCI.

Accessing the OR PTC DCI Help Center via Web Portal

Once logged into the OR PTC DCI system, click on the “Help” link in the top right corner and the DCI Help Center will open on a new tab. Search by keyword to find the resource you’re looking for.


The PTC Support Team has developed several resources to help guide your journey through the OR PTC DCI system as there are many processes and best practices to make the system function smoothly.

Resources can be found on the DCI Help Center by following this link to the OR PTC DCI Help Center. You can find a limited list of resources in the Staff Learning Materials Catalogs on the PTC Project Website under the “AAA/APD Staff” section of the webpage.