Description: In this topic, the user will learn how to view messages and take action.

Role Required: Employee (base user)

Permission Required: N/A

Web Portal

  1. Log in to DCI with personal profile

  2. Select the mail icon (envelope) in the top right corner of the main menu

  3. Select See All Messages

  4. Inbox:

    1. View messages in the message table below the search window

    2. Use the filters to search for a specific message

    3. Messages in bold are unread messages

    4. A yellow star indicates a high-priority message

  5. Click anywhere in the message row to open and view the message details

    1. From (sender)

    2. To (recipient)

      1. Recipient's name will be highlighted in orange if the message is unread

      2. Recipient's name will be highlighted in green if the message has been read

    3. Priority level

    4. Date sent

    5. Message body

    6. View notes, attachments, and events by selecting the tab.

  6. Click Actions to select an available action:

    1. Reply (users cannot reply to system notifications)

    2. New Note

    3. New Attachment

    4. Archive

    5. Delete - Moves the message to the trash. Items in the trash cannot be deleted from the system.

    6. New Message (see the article Message - Send a Message)

  7. In a message strand, select the single message to expand the section and display the message details.

Mobile App

  1. Log in to the DCI mobile app

  2. Select the Mail icon in the upper right corner to open the inbox

  3. Select a message by clicking the blue link on the message to view

    1. Subject

    2. From (sender)

    3. Date sent

    4. To (recipient)

    5. Priority level

    6. Message body

    7. Notes

    8. Attachments

  4. Take action by clicking one of the following blue square icons at the bottom of the message:

    1. Attachment (paper clip)

    2. Archive (box with a down arrow)

    3. Delete (trash can)

    4. Reply (arrow pointing to the left)

    5. New Message (paper and pencil)

  5. Click Back in the upper left corner to return to the inbox