Description: In this topic you will learn how to use the scheduling system as a supervisor, who works with a residential or parenting program. The DCI Scheduling module is a useful tool to help supervisors, whether you run a residential or parenting program the functionality is the same.

  • The Program Schedule Builder allows the supervisor to create a schedule specifically for a chosen Residential or Parenting Program

  • All employees with an active service account for that program will be listed on the schedule builder

  • The module takes the weekly allocated hours into consideration as the schedule is created

  • Prevents scheduling overtime and over authorization

  • Prevents double-scheduling employees

  • Allows for efficient management of shift swapping

  • Enables easy-to-use client requests for services

  • Manage employee availability templates

*Please note: The DCI Scheduling Module is used by some organizations. For questions, contact your DCI representative.

Role Required: Supervisor, Superuser

Permission Required: N/A

Page Contents:

Residential/Parenting Program Schedule

Create New Program Schedule

  1. Log in to your personal profile
  2. Click Scheduling on the main menu
  3. Click Program (Residential or Parenting) on the sub menu
  4. Search for the program by using the filters and click the Search button
  5. Select the program by clicking anywhere in the results row to open the Residential or Parenting Program Details page
  6. If the number of hours to be scheduled is different than the default hours
    1. Click Actions button
    2. Click Set Required # of Hours from the actions dropdown
    3. Enter the number of hours to be scheduled, then click Save.
  7. To create a new schedule, use the calendar or arrow icons to go to the desired week or click the Actions button, click New Schedule to display the next blank week schedule
    1. To use the same schedule as the previous week, click the Copy icon
      1. Select the week you want to copy from the drop and click Ok
      2. Click Yes on the confirmation alert window
    2. To create a new schedule shift, click the Blank Cell on the day you wish to create a shift for to open the Schedule form wizard.
      1. Complete the Schedule form wizard
      2. Employee Name
      3. EVV Location
      4. Day
      5. Start Time
      6. End Time
      7. Note
      8. OnCall: Checkbox if this is an on call shift (only for residential programs)
      9. Critical: Checkbox if you want the shift to be marked as critical
      10. Reminder: Enter the numeric value (minutes, hours, days or weeks)
      11. Reminder Type: Select Minutes, Hours, Days or Weeks from the drop down
  8. Click Schedule
    1. You cannot schedule an employee at the same time as they are already scheduled somewhere else. To see an employee’s full schedule, go back to the Scheduling Module home page and click Employees on the sub menu.
  9. Click Save on the confirmation alert window
  10. Repeat until schedule is complete.
    1. Copy entries by dragging and dropping to a new cell.
  11. Click Publish
  12. Review exceptions and make changes as needed
  13. Click Publish on the exceptions window
    1. The schedule will be visible to employees once it is published.
    2. Changes can be made to the schedule by right-clicking on individual entries. You must re-publish the schedule for the employee to see the changes.

View Program Schedule

  1. Log in to your personal profile
  2. Click Scheduling on the main menu
  3. Click Program (Residential or Parenting) on the sub menu
  4. Search for the program by using the filters and click the Search button
  5. Select the program by clicking anywhere in the results row to open the Residential or Parenting Program Details page
  6. All employees with an active service account for the specified program will be listed in the left header column of the schedule table
    1. The number of consumed weekly hours, scheduled weekly hours, and max available weekly hours will appear under each employee name
    2. If you do not see the employee you wish to schedule, verify that they have an active service account
  7. The default view is a weekly view. To view an hourly view of one day, click “Day” or click “Today” to go to today’s schedule. To return to the Week view, click Week.
  8. You can easily navigate to other weeks by using the arrows or the calendar icon.
  9. Each shift will display start and end time and total hours
    1. Scheduled Shifts (published) will appear in light blue
    2. On Call Shifts (residential and day program only) will appear in dark blue
    3. Offered Shifts will appear in yellow
    4. My Offered Shifts (shifts you have offered for others pick up) will appear in light red
    5. Unpublished Change will appear in green
    6. Deleted Unpublished Change will appear is bright red
  10. There are several tools available to quickly make changes to your schedule
    1. Click the Trash icon to clear the current schedule
    2. Click the Copy icon to copy the schedule from the previous week
    3. Click the Printer icon to print the schedule
  11. Right-click on any schedule entry and select:
    1. View: to view details
    2. Edit: to edit the entry
    3. Delete: to delete the entry

Shift Swapping

Employees can offer published shifts if they are unable to work the scheduled shift. Another employee with an active service account for the same program/client can claim the shift. Shift swaps must be approved by the supervisor before they are complete.

View, Approve and Reject Shift Swap Requests

  1. Log in to your personal profile
  2. Click Scheduling on the main menu
  3. Click Pending Approvals on the sub menu
  4. The table will list all shift swap requests for the cost centers you have the Supervisor Role
  5. Review the details of the shift swap in the table including:
    1. Client/Program
    2. Service
    3. Initial Employee - Employee offering shift
    4. Claimed By - Employee claiming shift
    5. Shift Date
    6. Shift Timings
    7. Status
    8. Action
  6. In the Action Column, click A to approve the shift swap or R to reject the shift swap
    1. Action cannot be taken until an offered shift has been claimed by another employee
  7. In the schedule, the entry will change from a yellow offered entry to a light blue published entry.
    1. Both employees will be notified of the review if the message template is enabled

Additional Notes:

  • If no one claims an offered shift, it will revert back to the original employee’s schedule.

  • The schedule is automatically updated and re-published when a shift swap occurs. You do not need to revise the schedule based on the shift swap.

Review Availability Templates

Employees are able to create availability templates in DCI so that supervisors know when they are available to work. Availability templates must be approved by a supervisor before they are taken into consideration and whenever a change is made to them. You are unable to schedule an employee outside of their approved availability templates. 

Review an Employee’s Availability Template

  1. Login to your personal profile
  2. Click Scheduling on the main menu
  3. Click Availability Templates on the sub menu
  4. Use the filters to find the desired employee’s availability templates, or simply scroll through the table.
  5. Click anywhere in the results row to open the Availability Template Details Page.
  6. After reviewing the template, go back to the Availability Templates Page.
    1. Click the A to approve the template
    2. Click the R to reject the template
  7. You can return to the Availability Templates page at any time to view an employee’s availability


There will be several Scheduling Reports available for the supervisor.

  1. Click Reports on the main menu
  2. Click/hover over the Schedule Reports on the sub menu
  3. The following Scheduling Reports available for the supervisor:
  • Employee Schedule Report

  • Client Schedule Report

  • Residential Schedule Report

  • Missed Shift Report

Message Templates

Message Templates are automated messages and notifications that are sent to DCI users based on specific events or triggers in DCI. Message Templates can only be edited by a Super User. Message Templates are split into two categories messages and notifications. For more information on message templates view additional resources in the help center. The following message templates are available for the Scheduling Module:

  • Schedule Published

  • Shift Claimed Employee

  • Scheduling Notify Failure to Punch

  • Schedule Entry Rejected

  • Availability Template reached initial reminder deadline

  • Availability Template reached reminder deadline frequency

  • Unscheduled Punch

  • Scheduling Notify Upcoming Shift Reminder

  • Change in Published Schedule

  • Offered Shift