OR PTC DCI Provider Guide

Information on what EVV and OR PTC DCI are and how to use the various methods of time capture.

Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)



Adding and Changing a PIN

Covers how to update an existing PIN number or add one if one has not been established.

Common Time Entry Errors and Business Rule Violations

Explains common errors or violations that may be received and gives guidance on what to do when you receive one.

Time Conversion Chart - Minutes to Decimal HoursHow to convert minutes to decimal hours.

How to Enter Mileage into OR PTC DCI

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for providers to enter their mileage.

How to Use a Fob

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for Providers using the fob device to record their time worked in OR PTC DCI.

How to Verify an Unverified Punch

This guide provides instructions for providers on how to verify an entry in an unverified status in OR PTC DCI via the Web Portal, Mobile Web, and Mobile App. Entries in unverified status are entries edited or created by a state staff worker and need to be verified for the provider to be paid for the shift.

OR PTC DCI Frequently Asked Questions Tip Sheet

Answers common questions a user may have when using the OR PTC DCI system.

OR PTC DCI Landline Tip Sheet

How to create a real-time punch as well as the available OR PTC DCI Landline numbers to call.

OR PTC DCI Mobile Web Quick Guide

Shows how providers can use the OR PTC Web Portal on a mobile device.

OR PTC DCI User Settings Guide

How to update things such as password, PIN, security questions, email, phone number and username.

Over Authorized Hours Errors

This guide includes what error occurs when a provider tries to claim more hours than they are authorized, what to do if they get this error, and how to prevent it.

Technology Comfort Level

Explains the OR PTC DCI EVV Options and will help you pick the option that aligns with your level of comfort with technology.

Which OR PTC DCI Option is right for me?

Guide of different time capture options available.

Provider and Consumer Resource GuideProvides an overview of available resources for support for Providers and Consumers.

Online Learning



Recovering a Forgotten Password

Interactive walk through on how to change a password when it has been forgotten.

Logging In to OR PTC DCI and Changing Your User Settings

Interactive walk through of changing a user’s personal settings.

Navigating the Web Portal for Providers

Interactive walk through of the OR PTC DCI Web Portal and how it is used for EVV

Adding a Fob Entry to the OR PTC DCI Web Portal

Interactive walk through of entering fob entries into the OR PTC DCI Web Portal.




Provider Profile Overview

High level overview of what the Provider profile looks like.

OR PTC DCI Mobile App for Providers

Video walk through of how to use the OR PTC DCI Mobile app.

OR PTC DCI Web Portal for Providers

Video walk through of how to use the OR PTC DCI Web Portal.

OR PTC DCI English Provider Orientation

This is a video recording of the Provider Orientation Session where each method of time entry is explained in depth with step-by-step instructions on how to use each Method.

Technology Resources



How to Create Google Email Account

Covers how to set up a free email account with Gmail.

How to Update Android Apps

Shows instructions for updating applications on an Android smart device.

How to Update Apple Apps

Shows instructions for updating applications on an Apple smart device.




OR PTC DCI Fob Timesheet

Optional document to help record your time with the fob.
Note: Time must still be entered on the OR PTC DCI Web Portal.